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offering services in the scope of Education & Training and Travel & Tourism

Our Services

We offer a range of services with the client’s best interest in mind

Browse our Education & Training and Travel & Tourism pages for details on the specific services we provide

Need help applying for English language, undergraduate or postgraduate courses? AG offer academic consultations, liaise with institutions, submit applications, and follow-up regularly on behalf of students. 

Choose from private and public training courses or workshops, be that technical, vocational, professional or administrative. AG can provide training courses in your field - such as bespoke military, engineering, sports or health - or any other specialist training course you require. 

We offer our services side by side with our long-standing partnerships in the UK and Spain, from education and training centres to sports academies and clubs. We work closely alongside our client to make the appropriate decision for them and put their sports plan in action.

No matter the reason for travelling abroad, AG will provide you with consultations and services that make your stay comfortable. With a range of travel and tourism solutions, from accommodation to arranging medical consultations, we are dedicated to offering an all-inclusive service.



Sports Solutions

Travel & Tourism


Mr Mousa Alfaifi, UCL

A center at the epitome of excellence in terms of co-operation, communication, speedy responses, and providing acceptances. Thanks and appreciation to Dr Tahir and the team. 

Mr Mohammed Alarfaj, LSI & University of Portsmouth

Consultations that you can rely on. 

Mr Mohammed Alsuhaim, Anglo-Continental

The best, undisputedly. Dr Tahir and the team were very keen with us and followed up even when we arrived in Britain and until the last day and moment before returning home. 

Mr Laith Alharthi, Serviced Apartment

They are the best when it comes to supporting students overseas. Just contact them and they will take good care of you. 

Why Choose Us

20+ Years of Experience

On-going Consultations

Client-focused Approach

Over 1,000 Satisfied Clients

Wide Range of Valued Partners

Constantly Evolving

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