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Education & Training

We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality services and advice to put them on the path to success.


Whether you are an individual, government organisation or business corporation, AG will assist you in meeting your education and training needs.


Need help applying for English language, undergraduate or postgraduate courses? AG offer academic consultations, liaise with institutions, submit applications, and follow-up regularly on behalf of students. 

Image by Tamara Gak
Image by Jo Szczepanska


Choose from private and public training courses or workshops, be that technical, vocational, professional or administrative. AG can provide training courses in your field - such as bespoke military, engineering, sports or health - or any other specialist training course you require. 

Sports Solutions

We offer our services side by side with our long-standing partnerships in the UK and Spain, from education and training centres to sports academies and clubs. We work closely alongside our client to make the appropriate decision for them and put their sports plan in action.

Sports Socks
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