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Sports Solutions

The services we provide are tailored to meet your needs at the varying stages of your programme. 


Whatever the programme you choose, AG will support you before you arrive, during your course and after you depart. 

We'll be able to assist you from start to finish.

Services at different stages


  1. Training Needs Analysis 

  2. Registration 

  3. Bookings 

  4. Cultural Briefing 

  5. Visa Support 


  1. Meet & Greet 

  2. Supervision 

  3. Orientation 

  4. Accommodation 

  5. Medical Insurance 

  6. Transport 

  7. Additional Supporting Services 


  1. End of programme reports 

  2. Graduation 

  3. Certificate Authentication 

  4. Release Form 

  5. Departure 

  6. Review & Evaluation 

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