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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom enjoy a strategic partnership and economic exchange in various fields in light of the Vision 2030 initiatives and the exceptional investment opportunities it includes in the sectors of education, training, travel, tourism, sports and entertainment. The establishment of Alradwan Group in the UK came to serve this trend and to strengthen relations and economic exchanges in these areas by utilising the skills of UK and Saudi companies and the pioneering expertise and experiences to achieve the aspirations of the two countries.

Alradwan Group was established in 2014 with two sisters companies, one specialising in training and education and the other in travel and tourism. As a multidimensional company, we aim to provide our clients with everything they need – from education and training to entertainment, visa regulations and logistics. 

Our Vision

To be the primary choice for those seeking consultati-

ons in both education and training development and 

the travel and tourism industry. 

Our Objectives

  1. To assist individuals, government organisations and business corporations in meeting their education and training needs, 

  2. To provide the client with the utmost support during their travel and tourism, from management to logistics, 

  3. To offer consultations and services in both education and training, travel and tourism from the pre-arrival stage until the end of their stay. 

Our Mission

To provide practical consultations that put you on the 

suitable path to successfully meeting your developm-

ent needs. 

Our Values

  1. Trust - Integrity is our priority, so that we can maintain your trust

  2. Quality - Excellence is a fundamental objective at AG, ingrained in everything we do

  3. Client-focused - Tell us what you need and how you want it done - we'll follow suit 

  4. Reliability - Whenever you need us, we'll be there with honest advice and initiative

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